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#463120 - I helped walking Billy in the house, and locked the door behind the driver, my son was acting strange that night, and he was drunk, saying things he did not usually say, he started checking my body with a clear ‘pussy hungry’ man’s eyes, unlike the way he used to look at me, like a son, he even was mumbling words of how I had turned the poor driver on, by displaying my seminude, sexy body, then he said, “I don’t blame him, do you? Any man would go on fire looking at this hot, sexy body of yours mom” Billy was saying that while placing his hands all over my body, strange enough, he was touching and rubbing my private parts as well. Billy got up, walked to the kitchen, coming back with a bottle of alcohol and two glasses, smiling and saying “somehow, I feel like having a drink with you mom, besides, it would relax you, and that may help me get it out of you” we both laughed, I said sarcastically “a nice try baby, why not?” He was right, one way or another, we started drinking and ch

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Beautiful little tits
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Very good job one of the best should be longer tho