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#321111 - So she saysl I like coke me and your uncle do it all the time he doesn't like me doing to much because I get reall y horny and I won't leave him alone so he says and she says that reminds me and she goes in the other room to make a phone call about 20mins later I go to use the restroom and I walk by her room I heare her talking sexual to someone on the phone I wonder who it is if it's not my uncle so I'm using the bathroom and she just walks in on accident and I have my cock in my hand and she sees it now at that age my cock was 9 inches soft so when she saw it her eyes got big and she says wow they were right I over heard your mom and talking to your uncle about how you thought the girls wouldn't talk to you because your thing was to big well sweets I promise they will all want to talk to you when they see that now she says follow me and we go in to her room and from her talking about my cock and me looking at those terry cloth shorts going up her pussy and he

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